About Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant Lerato Monareng
Iam digital marketing professional with combined experience of over ten years in digital marketing strategy development, search marketing (SEO and Pay-per-click), community management, display advertising, content marketing, UX/UI design, website development, inbound marketing and digital analytics. I believe that the internet is more than a means of sharing information but rather a powerful tool for companies to reinvent their products, services and brands to help achieve their objectives and meet customer’s needs.

I am a  certified Marketing Practitioner MP(SA) by the Marketing Association of South Africa (MASA), certified Google Ads and Facebook Blueprint marketing professional and recently completed my BA (Hons) in Strategic Brand Communication at Vega School of Branding. Furthermore, I  hold a certificate in Digital Media Marketing from the AAA School of Advertising and a BTech Marketing degree from the Tshwane University of Technology.

I am passionate about leading a team that helps an organisation execute integrated digital marketing strategies that increase brand awareness, generate quality leads and contribute to an increase in revenue. If you are interested in everything that has to do with brand building, brand communication strategy and digital marketing strategy, please check out my blog where I share my thoughts and opinions.

My blog also includes personal experiences and knowledge and that of other experts in the digital marketing industry. To help fellow marketers maneuver their way in this fast-paced, fun, creative, brutal and sometimes frantic industry where clients expect us to have a vast set of skills, to wear different hats and to bend over backward to ensure that we deliver not only creative, well written and visually appealing work but work that sells their brand, which is informed by a well-thought strategy and backed consumer insights.

Over the past couple of years, my career has been taking a new shape and form that is geared towards digital strategy and analytics aspect of digital marketing which  is where the marketing fraternity is headed.

Clients across the globe now require marketers to possess predictive analytics skills to predict consumer behaviour and the effectiveness of marketing efforts which in turn will drive effective strategies and enable measuring return on marketing investment.

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