You are currently viewing Digital marketing Weekly Trending News: Week 02 – January 2023

Digital marketing Weekly Trending News: Week 02 – January 2023

In this week’s episode of Digital Marketing Weekly Trending News, I will cover the following trending topics for the second week of 2023.

Topic 01: In This day in search marketing history” I will share four historical events that took place during the second week of January in 2012, 2013, 2020 and 2022.
On Topic 02: I will discuss Google’s introduction of site names to its search
And Topic 03: I will touch on Automattic’s introduction of a new ad network called Blaze (If you don’t know, Automattic *is spelt with double Ts, its the company behind WordPress, Tumblr, WooCommerce and another couple of companies)
Topic 04: Will be the long-awaited rollout of Google’s December 2022 link spam update
And then Topic 05: Google is testing the “sponsored label” in its product listing search results.
Topic 06: Microsoft Store Ads and other product updates for January
Topic 07: Brightcove and Magnite Strategic Partnership to Boost Ad Monetization for CTV and Online Video (OLV) Publishers
Topic 08: An update on Meta’s efforts to create Age-Appropriate Ad Experiences for Teens
Lastly, on Topic 09: I look at 10 Rising Stars of the Marketing World in 2023 according to LinkedIn

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