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How to write the best YouTube descriptions, 11 tips

YouTube has two types of descriptions, YouTube channel descriptions and YouTube video descriptions. These descriptions are pretty self-explanatory, but the breakdown is for those who don’t know the difference.

YouTube channel description

You can think of the channel description as the “About page” of a website; it appears under the “About” tab of a YouTube channel. This description helps viewers understand what your channel is about, the topics covered, the themes tackled, and why they should subscribe to your channel.

YouTube video description

The video caption helps the people who view your videos find your content and decide whether to watch it. The description can also include links and additional information relevant to your video.

Benefits of YouTube descriptions

All the descriptions mentioned above can boost your YouTube channel’s subscriptions, better viewer counts, watch time, and overall brand awareness when written well.

Since YouTube is essentially a search engine, the description can further help with your YouTube SEO, which will allow YouTube’s algorithm to understand your content better and suggest it to new users, further boosting your YouTube stats.

20 tips for writing the best YouTube descriptions

  1. Use the first 200 characters effectively
  2. Use keywords in all your descriptions
  3. Add call-to-actions and links
  4. Write for the user and not YouTube’s algorithm
  5. Add hashtags
  6. Be specific
  7. Offer value
  8. Avoid clickbait
  9. Don’t worry about video tags
  10. Organise video with timestamps
  11. Generate default descriptions that you can reuse

Each tip mentioned above will require an individual blog post. In my next article, I will delve deeper into each of the tips; keep following these series.