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How to track customer satisfaction using my top 5 customer service and satisfaction metrics

Customer satisfaction is defined as a measurement that determines how satisfied customers are with your brand. As marketers, we have to ensure that we increase and maintain high customer satisfaction, especially since the rise of social media has made us the first point of contact for digitally savvy customers.

The following metrics are the ones I recommend for tracking customer satisfaction to help increase satisfaction levels, brand awareness, social engagements, and website traffic to turn customers to repeat customers and ultimately brand advocates.

Customer satisfaction metrics:

Customer metrics measure how your active customers think and feel about your brand. They include the following, which are worth tracking and quite vital to measure the satisfaction of your customers.

Customer Testimonials: 

I believe everyone is quite aware of this one, but let me not make assumptions. Testimonials are customer feedback, review, assessment, comment, endorsement, or interview relating to a brand.

Customer Satisfaction (CSat) Score: 

This is a customer loyalty metric used to measure how satisfied customers are with your product or services or overall brand experience, GetFeedback explained.

Net Promoter Score (NPS): 

This measures customer loyalty, customer experience and predicts business growth. According to Satmetrix, this metric transformed the business world and now provides the core measurement for customer experience management programs.

Customer care metrics:

Customer care help shifts the perspective to understand how you perform concerning your service to customers and clients. This metric is important because it ensures that the social media manager is doing their job well and that customers are being heard and responded to in a reasonable amount of time.

Customer response time: 

Tracks how fast your social media team responds to important and urgent messages, comments, queries, etc.

Customer response rate: 

Measures the number of responses against the messages, comments, and queries asked on social media.