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How to track and measure engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok

Social media engagement measures how your followers interact with your brand by recording interactions such as likes, comments, shares, etc. Which shows they are interested in your content and may want to support your business.

The major social media platforms already have their custom components of engagement listed for free in their native analytics tools. Jenn Chenn from Sprout Social notes that the trick is understanding engagement on a broad level and how to examine it at a micro-level.

Social media engagement covers many interactions; standard ones used to gauge engagement include likes, comments, social shares, saved items, click-throughs, or retweets. The table below provides a more comprehensive list of the different interactions from the major social media platforms.

Followers and audience growth Mentions (tagged or untagged)  Sticker taps (Stories)  Get Directions (Instagram only)
Use of brand hashtags Saves  Direct messages Reactions
Shares Comments Likes Calls
Retweets Regrams Emails Texts
Replies Profile visits Quote tweets Clicks


To learn more about ways to increase social media engagement, check out a recently posted article titled “How to increase your social media engagement“. In the article, I explain 12 ways that have worked for me.

If you have read my article or used other methods to increase engagement on your social media, this article is for you because it’s ideal for when the comments and shares are flying in. This article will help you crunch the numbers to prove the great job you’ve been doing for management.

How to track and measure engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok

The only way to ensure that you are doing the right thing is to track and measure your progress. Pay attention to your social profiles’ engagement statistics to see how many likes, comments, shares, retweets, and other engagement metrics your posts, ads, and other content are receiving.

Multiple social media tools like Buffer and Hootsuite can be used to measure social media engagement, but they come at a cost. Fortunately, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms have their own dedicated analytics tools that you can use for free.

Read on to find out what you might get from some of the most popular social media platforms dedicated analytics.

How to track and measure engagement on Facebook

Facebook Analytics contains a dashboard with multiple ways to track your audience engagement. The metrics you can track include the following:

  • Posts: How are your posts performing over time?
  • Reach and engagement: How many people saw your posts? Who interacted with them? Which posts did people hide? Did people report any posts as spam?
  • Actions: What actions do people take on your Page? How many people click your call-to-action button? How many people click through to your website?
  • People: What are the demographics of the people who visit your Page? (You can dive deeper into this topic with Audience Insights.) When do people visit your Page? How do people find your Page?
  • Views: How many people are viewing your Page? Which sections are they looking at?

How to track and measure engagement on Twitter

Just like Facebook, Twitter is no different. Twitter Analytics also features a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to measure and track the following engagement metrics:

  • Engagement rate: How many engagements and impressions did your tweet get?
  • Reach percentage: How many followers saw a given tweet?
  • Link clicks: How many click-throughs did a posted link get?
  • Optimal posting time: When is your audience most likely to be online? What time zone do they live in?

 How to track and measure engagement on Instagram

Even though Instagram is part of the Facebook family, the analytics tool isn’t as rich and robust as the Facebook one. But you will be able to track and measure the most important engagement metrics. You can access Instagram Insights if you have a business profile.

  • Audience demographics: Where do they live? Are they men or women? How old?
  • Optimal times: When are your followers online? What days and times are they active?
  • Popular content: What gets hearts? What posts get comments?

How to track and measure engagement on TikTok

This is by far the most popular social media platform that has taken the world by storm, almost everyone is on TikTok, and your brand should be too.

And just like the other popular social media platforms, TikTok also has dedicated insights that are available to pro accounts and include the following metrics:

  • Audience demographics: What is my follower growth? What are they watching and listening to? Where do they live, and how do they identify?
  • Profile views: When has my traffic spiked?
  • Content stats: Which videos have been viewed most this week? How long is the average playtime? How many comments, likes, and shares did my video get?

Every person, influencer, and brand wants to have a considerable following on social media. However, the most significant measure of social media success is an engaged audience, not just a big one. Social media engagement measures how people interact with your social media accounts and content and is, therefore, the most important metric to pay attention to.