You are currently viewing Content strategy is an art and a science, and humans are great at the art part.

Content strategy is an art and a science, and humans are great at the art part.

In previous articles, I have written about predictive marketing analytics and touched on effective ways to use predictive analytics in marketing which is achieved by the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predict customer behaviour for content consumption and distribution.

When crafting content strategies, as marketers we tend to focus on keyword research, headlines, topic selection, performance tracking, and A/B testing.

As humans because of our biased nature – we can’t completely rely on our human intuition to predict which content would work best without the help of data in one way or another. Whether it’s Google Analytics statistics regarding how the content on your blog is consumed or Mailchimp email campaign report. Either way, we do rely on data, analytics, and statistics to craft content marketing strategies that speak to our target audience.

As marketers, we are excellent in creatively executing appealing and compelling content that speaks to the hearts of our target audience using creative storytelling that takes the customer on a journey to experience our brand and connect with it on a human level – which is the art side of the content strategy equation but Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not good at art, as of yet.

However, artificial intelligence (AI) will help on the science side of content strategy equation. In my article titled 10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for predictive marketing analytics, I reviewed AI-powered tools that can be used in predictive marketing analytics, on this article I will take you through AI-powered tools that can help you with content strategies that are not only creatively written but backed by data.

The following tools will help you as a marketer craft better content that will reach the right audience and appeal to their emotions.

  1. AI Writer: If you need fresh, unique content and all you have is a headline or some keywords? You can just submit it to the AI article generator software and get an information-dense article written for you. This tool is perfect for SEO, blogs, as AI copywriting software and for general text generation.
  2. HubSpot: This tool uses machine learning to help marketers discover new content ideas that perform well and validate those content ideas.
  3. Concured: Concured’s AI-powered content intelligence platform makes it easy to research and plan content that your audience wants.
  4. BrightEdge platform: This tool reveals the intent behind search queries, exposes competitors for each content topic, prioritizes efforts by forecasting business impact, guides content creation and optimization, and monitors content performance at any granularity.
  5. Crayon: Crayon uses machine learning to give you competitive intelligence on exactly what your competitors are doing online.
  6. MarketMuse: MarketMuse provides workflows for your entire content life cycle, from researching and planning all the way to creation and optimization.
  7. Acrolinx: Acrolinx is a content strategy alignment platform that helps brands improve the quality of their content. The tool uses sophisticated AI, developed in one of Germany’s top artificial intelligence research centers, to “read” your content and make sure it meets your brand standards, no matter who’s writing it.
  8. Vennli: Vennli brings together your business objectives, personas, and your content plans to deliver an intelligent content marketing strategy that revolutionises how you communicate with your audience.
  9. CliClap:  Its machine-learning capabilities cluster your anonymous visitors by their metadata and behavior to learn how to help them engage with your site. The system provides personalised content recommendations, and when the time comes, it will try to convert the visitor to a lead.
  10. Atomic Reach: Atomic AI zeroes in on the most important phrases in your content and rewrites them to boost conversions.
  11. Personyze: With Personyze, you can create dynamic landing pages that adapt to each visitor in real-time, using a comprehensive visitor profile from multiple data sources and an array of personalisation tools.

The list above is only limited to the tools that I have been exposed to. If you know of other AI-powered content strategy tools that can help fellow marketers achieve their objectives, please leave a comment below with the name of the tool and link to the website.