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10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for predictive marketing analytics

In my previous article titled 5 effective ways to use predictive analytics in marketing, I touched on how predictive analytics will effectively help marketers achieve the following objectives:

  • Forecast marketing performance and strategies based on past campaigns
  • Scoring leads more accurately 
  • Uncovering opportunities to improve understanding customer behaviour
  • Delivering more meaningful content 
  • Predicting the lifespan of customers 
  • Recommending products that enhance customer experience and open doors for up-selling and cross-selling.

The predictive analytics use cases mentioned above might seem impossible to achieve for a traditional marketer, a digital marketer who is still stuck with web analytics or anyone within the marketing fraternity who is not tech-savvy.

But because of the nature of the beast that artificial intelligence (AI) is – all of the uses cases can be automated or even completely executed using artificial intelligence without any human intervention. But for that to happen you will need to get the right tools for the job or develop your own artificial intelligence (AI) powered predictive analytics tool.

In this article I will review 10 artificial intelligence (AI) tools that you can use to action, execute and achieve your predictive analytics objectives and tasks.

In future articles, I will discuss the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in marketing and how we can use them as marketing professionals in broader detail.

But first, let’s review the following tools to see how predictive analytics tools help sales and marketing teams to apply historical data to future events to boost their efficiency, save time and money, and drive sales.

  1. Mintigo uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to provide insights that help sales and marketing make data-driven decisions such as predictive lead scoring, new pipeline generation, and sales enablement.
  2. Nexoya enables campaign prediction for better marketing performances through data-driven predictions to drive the best decisions and increase the success of campaigns. This marketing intelligence platform, focuses on AI marketing analytics, as a marketer you will have a solid understanding of how your marketing campaigns, conversions, clicks, and other KPIs are performing as well as the ability to track each of them on an AI-based centralised platform.
  3. 24]7 How [24]7 can help you as a marketer can be defined in this one phrase “Meet Consumers Where They Are, Anticipate Their Intent, Address Their Needs.” this customer engagement platform uses big data and predictive analytics to better understand customers and drive more sales.
  4. 6sense is a B2B predictive intelligence engine for marketers that empowers them to uncover anonymous buying behaviour, prioritise fragmented data to focus on accounts in the market, and engage resistant buying teams with personalised, multi-channel, multi-touch campaign.
  5. Clari harnesses automation and AI to build a stronger pipeline, shorten sales cycles, improve forecast accuracy and grow revenue, accelerate sales, increase efficiency, improve forecasting accuracy, and make sales teams more productive.
  6. Everstring is a predictive analytics solution for sales and marketing that helps organisations to build pipeline and increase conversion rates.
  7. IBM Predictive Analytics platform goes from guesswork to prediction by analysing trends, patterns, and relationships and applying those insights to predict future events.
  8. Infer, “An AI-Powered Crystal Ball for Sales and Marketing!” uses predictive scoring to model data sets that will identify your best potential customers.
  9. Radius Intelligence marketing intelligence platform uses data science to empower you as a marketer to better understand customers and use those insights to grow the business.
  10. ZoomInfo provides actionable business information to empower sales and marketing. With accurate databases, businesses can improve marketing campaigns and segmentation and reach decision-makers faster.

The list above is only limited to the tools that I have been exposed to. If you know of predictive marketing analytics tools that can help fellow marketers achieve their objectives, please leave a comment below with the name of the tool and link to the website.